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The Sissy Squat machine is made of 430 steel tube with a 50x50x3 square section, the footrests and roller cushions that bind the ankles are in polyurethane foam. Ability to adjust the inclination of the footrests by locking the position with a steel pin on a perforated plate, the inclination moves by 10 ° from hole to hole on the crescent. On the side there is the support in steel tube 430 with a diameter of 40 which acts as a handle to have greater balance in movement, the frame of the Sissy Squat machine is designed to position the handle both on the right and on the left and for the addition of a additional stake, this to give greater support to the athlete during the exercises. The roller cushions that rest on the instep can be blocked by means of a small handle placed in the center of the cushions support. It is a relatively simple and small tool, which allows you to perform a perfect Sissy Squat where the focus of the exercise is on the quadriceps muscles.

Length 80 cm

Width 60 cm

Height 50 cm

Weight 17 Kg

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