About Us


Handicraft company by Giordano Andriolo

His history begins in very young age the father’s garage between cars and motorbikes. This make growing a passion for the mechanics and construction. In the folllowing years he leaves the garage and he begins to follows a new project. His creativity brings him to open the a carpentry where he explore and increase his experience in numerous sectors: from the arts to the design and prohjects. Meanwhile he has another great passion: the sport. The frindship with Fabio Zonin push him to create the first sport equipment. From this the need to create a logo dedicated to this sector: BOXequipment.com


BOXequipment is the partner of Pure Power academy in turn referent for Italy of StrongFirst strength school is strongly motivated by the collaboration with professional trainers who deal with sports and training at a specific level and in general in Functional, Power Lifting, Weight Lifting and Cross Fitness. Such support hide us to design and build our fitness equipment facing real problems that need an optimal solution. All our equipment and accessories is designed and built by BOXquipment with the aid of an engineering design. Indeed every structure is realized taking into an account the loads that will support in function of optimizing the materials and the every project.


Our constant commitment to find new ideas and solutions allows us to continuously improve our products, which guarantee ever greater reliability and durability. In addition to functionality BOXquipment strands out in the field of sports construction for its eye- catching lines, attention to detail and assembly fot the recommended basic colours red and black, exclusive ultra grip paint, for the skull, our logo is always present to content new materials: 430 steel powder-painted with stainless steel; expanded polyurethane with a birch plywood core and handmade upholstery for the benches. All this is made to give a wider choice depending on the needs of the end customer.


All our suppliers, from the steelworks, to the carpentry, to the painting, to the galvanic treatment, to the handmade upholstery, to the polyurethane covers and to the hardware, are able to provide us with a certified raw material with documentation attached and exclusively produced in Italy.